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Here are a few things patients are saying about our office!

I would like to thank you and the members of your staff for the treatment of my SI joint injury.  I really appreciate your willingness and generosity to provide me with the quality of care needed to restore my health as well as the professionalism demonstrated by each staff member.  Thank you for everything.

-Steve N

Dear Dr. Meitz:

As a prior patient of yours from the Poconos, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your genuine concern and your prompt attention in relieving the consistent pain in my back.  As you are aware, I injured it (again) approximately six months ago.  I visited 3 different chiropractors in the past months, but experienced little relief from the pain.  I knew that my only alternative was to find your current practice.

Although Norristown is almost 90 miles from my home, I had to take the ride.  You are the only one who knows how to adjust me, and you did it.  One visit and I am pain free.  I am finally walking straight again.  I can not thank you enough…YOU THE MAN!

Take care and thank you again.

Guy G.

I came to Meitz Family Chiropractic with headaches and neck pain.  I had tried medication, shiatsu, massage and chiropractic care in the past.  I found Dr. Meitz very informative and effective at relieving pain.  He was very thorough and had a holistic approach.  I found the staff always friendly and same day appointments were available when I called.  I have experienced a HUGE decrease in pain and an increase in range of motion.  The office is bright and cheerful and I never wait more than a few minutes.  I always feel comfortable and cared for by the doctor.  I have already referred others!  I give the office a 5/5 rating.

Joy G. 

I visited Dr. Meitz with shoulder and back soreness.  During my appointments I only have to wait a few minutes and most times there is no wait at all.  I have noticed that I am much looser and have no more soreness since coming to the office.  The environment there is outstanding.  It is very nice and relaxing.  I would rate the office 5/5.

Carmen R.

I came to the office with low back pain.  In the past I have tried pills and medication for the pain.  I like how the office is always willing to adjust to my schedule.  The doctor is very informative and personal every time I see him.  I very seldom have to wait in the office and if I do it is only for a few minutes.  I feel Dr. Meitz is very interested in his patients well being which makes me comfortable in the office.  I would recommend the office to others.  Since coming here I have noticed a very significant reduction in my pain.  The office is clean and the staff is friendly.  I would rate it 4/5 only because I feel a perfect rating is impossible for any profession.

Scott F.

I visited the office for my continued back problems that I have had for many years.  The staff at the office is always very sociable, helpful and caring.  They are very accommodating when working with my schedule.  The doctor spends plenty of time addressing my problems.  While my progress is slow it is definitely getting better so I have no problem giving a 5/5 rating.  The office is always very neat and organized which is nice.  The doctor is very punctual and I only ever have to wait a few minutes.  I would recommend this office to others and already have, my sister and my wife!

Frank G.

I came to Dr. Meitz with low back and hip pain.  I had tried lots of things to help in the past like exercise, heating pads, ice, switching sleeping positions, pillows between my knees etc.  Since seeing Dr. Meitz I have had MUCH improvement.  He always spends more than enough time with me and I never feel rushed.  The office has a very calming and relaxing feel to it.  I have only ever waited 5 min in the office for my visit.  They make you feel very appreciated.  I rate the office 5/5+++

Beth C.

I decided to visit the office of Meitz Family chiropractic because i had major problems with my back and some issues with my lower right leg and ankle.  In the past I would just try to stretch or have my friend crack my back, or i would try to massage the sore areas myself.  My first visit the staff was very friendly, helpful, and made you feel very comfortable right from the start.  Getting an appointment is never a problem; one is always available depending on your schedule.  They work with you to get you in at the time or day that you need.  My time with the Dr. was very informative and he showed me that he was very knowledgeable of what he was doing.  During his explanation of what he saw on my x-rays he had me amazed.  He was dead on with what was going on with me and where the key points of discomfort were coming from.  Since my first visit things have only been looking up for my issues.  No more waking up with pain and stiffness in my back.  Also, the pain in my lower right leg and ankle are almost none.  I would give Meitz Family Chiropractic a 5 out of 5 in my opinion and I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends for their needs.  From the warm welcome you get from the beautiful and wonderful receptionist to the excellent, professional, and knowledgeable treatment you get from Dr. Meitz himself it is very nice.  The office appearance is clean, cool, and comfortable with never a long wait to be seen.  98% of the time you are heading straight back to a treatment room where you wait to see an always happy to see you Dr. Meitz who makes you feel comfortable and appreciated.  Ready to get down to business and key in on your troubled areas, with light conversation to show that he cares totally about his profession and his patients.

James D.

I began having problems in March 2011. I started having rapid heart rates that would lead to me passing out. It later developed into seizures. I was seeing my family doctor, a cardiologist, and a neurologist who could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had numerous tests done, put on anti-seizure medications, and had a device implanted into my chest for my heart. I was progressively getting worse each day. A friend from our church had called us and suggested Dr. Meitz. My husband had called and spoke directly with Dr. Meitz who scheduled an appointment for me the same day. We were first greeted by Lynn (the office manager) with a smile and she really made us feel at ease there. She took the time to explain the insurance and copayments with us. Dr. Meitz spent a great deal of time with us answering many questions. He was extremely confident he would be able to help me. He is so compassionate, friendly and very patient. I experienced immediate relief, and have been symptom free since then. Dr. Meitz’s office is a 5/5 star office and I highly recommend him to everyone.

Sincerely, thankful, & grateful, Lisa T