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Dr. Tom Meitz :: Norristown Chiropractor

It was my first day in chiropractic school and I was thinking to myself, “Did I just make a huge mistake?”

Dr. Tom Meitz and his family.

Dr. Tom Meitz and his family.

Everyone was talking about all the things chiropractic could do for you, from headaches to diabetes. It sounded unreal, too good to be true. The next ten years would prove me wrong and open my eyes to just how powerful chiropractic care can be to your health.

I wanted to Help People

While going through college I was trying to find a profession where I could help people. Although my mother had taken me to a chiropractor as a child I really knew nothing about it. A friend suggested I look into it as a career, so I took a job in a local office for the summer. Two years later I was still there and planning my future as a chiropractor. I loved the job. It offered everything I wanted from a career, helping people live a longer, healthier life with out the side effects of drugs. While working in that office I saw the changes that happened to the patients and experienced them for myself. I knew then that chiropractic was the path for me.

Chiropractic Education

I chose Life University of Chiropractic in Georgia for my graduate studies. Life offered the most advanced and up to date education out of all the schools I looked at. I especially liked the multitude of hands-on technique classes that they offered. I feel the variety of techniques I was able to explore allowed me to graduate with proficiency in many different areas so I could treat all types of patients.

Away from the Practice

When I am not working I like to be active and get outdoors. I love fishing, camping and hiking. My parents always had boats while I was growing up, so I love being on the water. In the winter I like to snowboard when I get the time. My favorite hobby is salt water reef keeping. There is nothing more beautiful in nature to me than a reef. All the critters and corals are so amazing and I love the chemistry that comes along with it.

I met my wife, Andrea, in college at East Stroudsburg University. We have been married for five years. On June 7th 2010 we had our first child, a little boy named Tyler. He is the light of our lives and has a way of always making us smile. I love watching him grow and see how much he changes every day. We also have a Husky named Sasha and a Gecko named Sammy!

When it comes to my health I take it pretty seriously, I’d say one step below fanatic. Ok, so I’m not out there picking berries in the woods and living on granola, but I do eat organic. I try to keep as many chemicals out of my house as possible with cleaning products and hygiene products being as natural as I can find. I drink reverse osmosis water and I feel that extra nutrition is needed above what we eat on a daily basis, for many reasons, so I take supplements. I feel exercise, cardiovascular health and stretching are important so I workout multiple times per week. I also like to ensure that the controlling system of all my cells, my nervous system, is working at its peak performance. I do that by getting adjusted once or twice a week. Because I take my health seriously, I take yours seriously too. I spend a lot of time researching on my own about health and nutrition. This allows me to pass that information on to my patients so they can reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Can Chiropractic Help You?

If you have a problem that no one else has an answer for, or if you are just tired of taking pills for your problem, give me a call. Even if you think that what you have going on can’t be helped by chiropractic, call and I will speak with you directly. You will probably be amazed to find out what chiropractic can help with. I know I was! Call Meitz Family Chiropractic for an appointment today and “Get The Results You Deserve”.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Tom Meitz