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Custom Blood Work

Have you ever had blood work done?  Have you ever wondered what the results really mean? Have you ever wanted to make changes in your blood values without medications? At Meitz Family Chiropractic we offer whole-body blood workups, and system evaluations like nothing you have ever seen. Our blood work-ups include the following:

  • A customized color coded report detailing your values compared to standard lab values vs. true healthy values
  • Testing of over 100 components of your blood
  • A detailed explanation of each of your test results in laymen’s terms so it is easy to understand
  • A detailed review of all your medications, side effects, and how they relate to your blood work
  • Lifestyle and dietary recommendations based on your results
  • A toxic elements screen of 17 different metals
  • Essential elements screen of 22 essential elements
  • A recommended vitamin and supplement list based on your results
  • A one on one consult with Dr. Meitz

This alone is thousands of dollars worth of testing that can be done for a fraction of the cost. Want an even more complete picture of your health?  Add Hair testing, Urinalysis and Stool Testing to get the most complete evaluation of your body and how it is functioning.

Do you take supplements or vitamins? Are they working? HOW DO YOU KNOW? You don’t! Get tested to see if your supplements/vitamins are really working or if you are throwing your money away!

Make an appointment with Dr. Meitz today to find out what is really going on inside your body!